Browning Spec Ops Extreme Trail Camera Review

The Browning Spec Ops Extreme Trail Camera a 0.4 trigger speed which recommends it among the most interesting options on the market when it comes to recording every frame. You will not miss any essential frame with your subject or subjects and this can prove to be a great addition for the dedicated user. The camera features the 20-megapixel sensor seen in the range. It has been well received and due to its solid performance, it can be one of the best choices on the market in terms of picture quality.


  • 4 seconds trigger speed
  • 20-megapixel sensor
  • 80 feet detection and motion range
  • TV out and USB ports


  • Not the best for long distances


With a 0.4 seconds trigger speed, the camera represents one of the best options when it comes to speed. There are not many devices which go below this speed of reaction and this means that it would be hard to find another device with a faster trigger speed, even for the most advanced users.

The speed is also backed by a great picture quality. Thus, with a 200megapixel sensor, the camera will prove to be one of the best options when it comes to controlling and adding details to the pictures. And the best part is that this is done with the actual still photos but it can also relate to videos. With full HD video capabilities, the camera will prove to be a sound choice for any user looking for amazing picture quality. While not all users may need this performance, if this is your case, there are hardly any options to match the picture quality of the trail camera.

Even in terms of sensors, you will be very close to the up-market options. Although you will not have the best range, you will still have a range which is above the market average. Thus, both the flash and the detection sensors will work with distances of up to 80 feet and this can be more than enough for most situations. Even more, it can be enough for the situations where you would choose a lower-end design but with advanced features such as the burst mode, it would be difficult to justify a downgrade.


In terms of design, you will get one of the most durable and versatile options on the market. Thus, you will be able to use the TV out function to connect to a larger screen and see the photos in a better perspective. In terms of data transfer, the camera comes with USB connectivity and this can represent a solid improvement in terms of reducing the needed time to copy the pictures to your computer.

The Browning Spec Ops Extreme Trail Camera is one of the top options for users who cannot settle for an entry-level option. Even more, the camera will deliver some of the most detailed pictures and videos on the market and this makes it highly desirable to most users.


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