What are the Top Womens Crossbows for Deer Hunting?

The stereotype that hunting is only a man’s sport is one that should be completely disregarded. It is true that for a long while, hunting was a predominantly male activity. However, over time, so many women have taken to hunting and are proving to be quite good at it.

The fact that hunting was a space that was largely male-dominated, leads us to safely conclude that most of the hunting weapons were designed to suit the male gender. With women now being more and more involved in this practice, what are they supposed to do?

Are they expected to make do with hunting weapons that do not suit them? This would be rather unfair and unreasonable. It is for this reason that various brands have begun manufacturing hunting weapons that are specifically designed to suit women’s needs.

Among these, the most notable hunting weapon for women is the crossbow. Crossbow hunting is widely practiced since a crossbow is a very accurate and effective hunting weapon. As a woman, how then do you find the best crossbow to adequately aid you in hunting?

I will help you do this by reviewing various crossbows designed for women, with the aim of helping you find the best one.

Barnett Whitetail Hunter.

If you are looking for a crossbow that offers you both quality and affordability, then this is definitely the best choice. How amazing is it that you are able to access excellent quality and functionality at a pocket-friendly price?

The first outstanding feature is the fact that it is light in weight, therefore, making it very compact and portable. Hunting is an activity that involves a lot of moving around and therefore,  having a crossbow that makes the movement easier is definitely a plus.

Besides its weight, this is a crossbow that is committed to ensuring your safety while you are out hunting. It does this by providing you with an anti-dry-fire feature which is highly effective. 

When hunting with a crossbow, there may be instances where you accidentally shoot the crossbow without an arrow. This can be very dangerous since the extreme force that is applied may lead to you injuring yourself.

This crossbow, therefore, prevents this with its amazing anti-dry-fire system. The fact that it has a string-based cocking assist is another huge upside. This feature allows you to load arrows so much faster therefore making it easy to use.


  • It is light.
  • It is accurate.


  • The scope can be better.

Wicked Ridge.

This crossbow is a product of TenPoint, a company that is known for providing quality hunting gear.  Therefore with the Wicked Ridge, you are guaranteed a high-quality crossbow that offers excellent functionality.

It is specifically designed to suit women who are of a small frame and therefore if you fall into this category, then this is the best choice for you. The most outstanding feature of this crossbow is its integrated cocking system.

This mechanism reduces the draw weight by fifty percent, increasing the arrow’s velocity which guarantees you of accuracy. You are therefore assured of making a clean shot with the Wicked Ridge.

To prove to you that this crossbow was indeed manufactured for the females, it has a very stylish and well- decorated Camo that will surely appeal to you. 

The Wicked Ridge is a crossbow that is very easy to use and the most suitable crossbow for beginners. Therefore, if you are new to hunting, then this is the perfect crossbow to go for.


  • It is light.
  • It is accurate.
  • Suitable for beginners.
  • It has stylish Camo.
  • It is easy to use.


  • It has noisy strings that are loud when fired.

Barnett Recruit Terrain.

The Barnett Recruit enables you to acquire excellent quality without having to break the bank. Consequently, its most outstanding feature is the fact that it is cheap, hence affordable to most people.

Apart from the price, the fact that it comes when completely assembled and ready to use is a very big advantage. You therefore do not have to worry about wasting your time trying to figure out how to assemble the crossbow to make it fit for use.

It has the anti-dry-fire system, that ensures that you remain safe and uninjured in the unfortunate event that you shoot your crossbow without an arrow. Your safety, which is paramount, is therefore guaranteed.

The fact that it is light in weight and very compact makes it very convenient for you to move with from terrain to terrain since it is not too heavy or bulky. It has a rope cocking device that makes it easier for you to load your arrows, hence making it very easy to handle.


  • It is light.
  • Has good quality.
  • It has an anti-dry-fire feature.


  • It has a poor draw weight.

CentrePoint Sniper 370.

It is a very great crossbow in as far as affordability and good quality are concerned. If you prefer crossbows that are a bit on the heavier side, then this is definitely the best option for you. The fact that it has a velocity of up to three hundred and seventy FPS is very impressive.

This, coupled with a remarkable draw weight of one hundred and eighty lbs, make the crossbow extremely accurate and capable of shooting for a distance of up to thirty-five yards. Another outstanding feature of this crossbow is the fact that it comes with a string cocking device.

With this feature, loading the crossbow is made so much easier. Hunting is a very tedious venture and therefore the best hunting weapon is definitely that which makes your work so much easier.

Your safety is completely guaranteed with this crossbow since it has the anti-dry-fire feature that is really effective. It has top-notch accuracy, hence you are certain of making a clean shot and successfully capturing your target.


  • Has great quality.
  • It is accurate.
  • It is affordable.


  • It is heavier than most crossbows.

CentrePoint Sniper.

This is a crossbow that has very outstanding features. With its solid well-finished build, it has a very light and compact framework, thereby making it very convenient for you to move around with from location to location.

The fact that hunting is a very fatiguing task should result in you purchasing hunting gear that does not add to this fatigue, but instead, makes your experience easier and less frustrating.

When it comes to the question of functionality, this crossbow has remarkable speed, precision, and power. It shoots with great power, as well as precision, therefore enabling you to successfully take down your target.

This is a crossbow that is dedicated to making your work out in the hunting field so much easier. It cocks very easily, and is accompanied with a shoulder strap that gives you the perfect stability you require so as to make a clean shot.

In hunting, silence is very sacred. A hunter’s success is largely dependent on your ability to move stealthily and remain undetected. The last thing you therefore need is a noisy crossbow. This is why this crossbow provides you with strong suppressors that greatly reduce the noise and vibration of the string.


  • It is light.
  • It is accurate.


  • Has no anti-dry-fire feature.

Features that you have to consider when looking for the best crossbow for women.

The fact that crossbows designed for women are so many definitely makes the job of finding the best one so difficult. How do you know whether or not a crossbow is the best for you as a woman? That is a question that so many women usually struggle with 

However, there are various factors that when considered, make it very easy for you to find the best crossbow. These factors help you know the exact features to look for in a crossbow, and therefore a crossbow that does not satisfy these factors is definitely not the best.

These factors can also be described as the important questions you have to ask yourself when looking for the most suitable crossbow. To ensure that you do not go looking blindly, you have to make certain that you heed to the following factors, or rather, ask yourself the relevant questions.

How heavy is the crossbow?

The weight of  crossbow is a very fundamental factor that you must consider. Crossbows that are designed for women tend to be lighter in weight and more compact. If you, therefore, come across a crossbow that is bulky and heavy, then this is definitely not a suitable crossbow for you.

The preference of a lighter and more compact crossbow is something that cuts across the board, rather than being a gender question. The fact is, every hunter, whether male or female, prefers a crossbow that is light in weight and therefore easy to handle.

This is because there is a lot of movement involved in hunting. You will find yourself either moving while scouting for the perfect hunting ground or when stealthily tracking down your target.

 The last thing you therefore need is a hunting weapon that only adds to your fatigue and makes it more difficult for you to move from place to place.

There are some people who prefer crossbows that are on the heavier side, proving that at the end of the day, the most suitable weight is that which you prefer. However, a crossbow that is lighter and more compact is definitely more advisable and the most suitable.

How accurate is the crossbow?

It goes without saying that the question of accuracy is definitely paramount. Accuracy basically entails the crossbow’s ability to successfully hit your target. The essence of hunting is for you to successfully capture your target. Therefore, the best crossbow is that which enables you to achieve this.

How then do you know whether or not your crossbow is accurate? The first thing you have to look at is its drawing strength. The drawing strength of a crossbow greatly affects its accuracy. You can tell a crossbow’s drawing strength by basically testing its string.

The heavier it is for you to pull the string, the more power the crossbow has, which is as a result of the force you will have to apply so as to release the arrow. The fact that a crossbow has great power basically means that it has an amazing drawing strength and this is the crossbow you should go for.

A powerful crossbow guarantees you of accuracy and a successful shot. Making a clean shot is considered rather difficult, but with such a cross is, you honestly have nothing to worry about.

This is because the great force applied results in your arrow successfully lodging itself in your target’s flesh, thereby leading to a successful kill.

You should therefore ensure that the crossbow you go for has great accuracy since the contrary would be completely ineffective.

Is it comfortable?

This is a question that most people forget to ask themselves when looking for the best crossbow for women. However, it is a very paramount question that you definitely have to consider before buying a crossbow.

Hunting is an exercise that requires your utmost concentration. It is impressive that all your attention is focused on your target since this increases your chances of successfully capturing it.

A crossbow that makes you uncomfortable would definitely interfere with your concentration, therefore, resulting in nothing but an unsuccessful hunt.

What then should you look at? The first thing you should consider is the size of the crossbow. Is it too big for your frame? Too small? Ensure that you pick a crossbow that is complementary to your body size as well as the size of your hands.

Is it too big for your palm? Or too small? How does it generally feel in your hands? You want a crossbow that fits perfectly in your hands. One that you are able to easily handle without having to worry that it is either hurting you or too uncomfortable for you.

Your comfort, in as far as hunting gear is concerned, is completely paramount, and therefore the best crossbow is that which best suits you and enables you to adequately carry out your objective.

Is it durable?

Durability is definitely a very key factor to be considered. When purchasing a crossbow, you want one that will be able to serve you for a number of years before you decide to replace it. Hunting is a sport that takes place in various seasons. Would you really want a crossbow that only lasts for one season?

This would be highly disadvantageous as well as expensive since it will force you to buy a replacement after every hunting season. To avoid such unnecessary spending, ensure that the crossbow you choose is completely durable.

How do you know whether a crossbow is durable? Durability is simply determined by the quality of the crossbow’s construction materials. If the construction materials are of poor quality then this automatically translates to a crossbow that is not durable.

Since hunting is an exercise that will involve you moving through different terrains and in adverse weather conditions, you want a crossbow that is able to withstand all this without becoming worn out.

Does it adequately serve its purpose?

This is another very important question. The purpose of a crossbow is to help you successfully capture your target. Therefore, the best crossbow for women is that which helps you successfully achieve this purpose.

Features such as speed or rather velocity, are very important. The faster the bow, the harder the arrow hits, which guarantees you of deep penetration, hence a clean shot. Other features such as the drawing weight, as well as how noisy it is, are also very important.

Silence is paramount when hunting. A crossbow that has a noisy string is therefore ineffective since it will result in scaring your target away, hence leading to an unsuccessful hunt. 


The fact that there are crossbows specifically designed for women is a huge plus. However, in order for you to find the best one, you have to ensure that you strictly adhere to the factors above. According to me, the best crossbow for women is definitely the Barnett Whitetail Hunter.

This is a crossbow that is perfectly suitable for women and definitely the best one in the market. With it, you are guaranteed of excellent performance as well as great quality. The best part is that you are able to acquire all this at a very affordable price.

You have excellent performance, amazing quality, as well as affordability. What else would you possibly desire in a crossbow? 

The fact that it is light and compact is definitely a plus since women are not created with physical strength like that of a man’s and therefore a crossbow that is light in weight is very ideal. The anti-dry-fire trigger system is another fantastic feature contained in this crossbow.

As a hunter, your safety is very paramount. Having a crossbow that guarantees your safety when out in the field is therefore a very huge advantage. The last thing you need is to suffer from avoidable injuries that result from your own hunting gear.

Barnett Whitetail Hunter is definitely the best choice in the market, so hurry up and get yours today!


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