Stealth Cam XV4 Game Camera Review

Stealth Cam XV4 is a 22MP trail camera popular for its top-notch technology and high-quality features. The game and trail camera combines Smart Illumination technology and Stealth Cam XV4 image sensor to give sharp and clear images. Professional photographers can take advantage of the excellent specifications that come with this camera.

Presentation of the Stealth Cam XV4

The camera has a latch that can easily close and open to lock and unlock the camera. The battery tray opens easily to eject the batteries from the bottom side of the camera. In addition, the camera has a video output as well as a USB output through which you can connect to external devices.


  • It produces bright and sharp images and videos. The Smart illumination technology ensures the images are bright and have high levels of sharpness and clarity.
  • Ultra fast trigger speed.


  • It is costly to purchase.

Features and Benefits of the Stealth Cam XV4 Game Camera

Image & Video Quality

Professional images are captured thanks to the camera’s 22MP resolution.  High Definition 1080 P Videos are recorded. These videos are clear and sharp free of ‘grains’.The camera comes with four Infrared light emitters for good looking night pictures.

All images and videos recorded by Stealth Cam XV4 are stamped with date, time, moon phase and temperature the pictures were taken or videos recorded.

The matrix Low Light Sensitivity and Matrix Advanced Blur Reduction technologies work towards all images captured both at daytime and night time are clear, sharp and are free of blur and tearing.

Trigger Speed

It has a superfast reflex triggers speed of 0.4 seconds minimizing possibilities of missing any fast movements made by wildlife in a hunting spot.

Backlit Control

The camera features a backlit screen and control. This feature enables the user to set up the camera easily both at daytime and night time. In addition, you can comfortably adjust camera settings even at night when light levels are low.

PIR Range Control

The camera boasts a Passive Infra-Red (PIR) range control that can be adjusted to ensure the flash range matches with the motion detector.

Security Features

Security is through use of passwords on the security lock. This prevents unauthorized persons from gaining access to the cameras. An additional security feature is the bark camouflage. The color of the camera as well as case design enables the camera to remain concealed and secure.

Burst Mode

It has a burst mode of 1 to 9 images per trigger which is high enough enabling the camera capture a large number of image every day.

Power Supply

The camera is powered by 8 AA batteries. Alternatively, users can supply power to the camera through a 12 Volt external power supply connected through the external power input.

Memory and Storage

The camera can capture and store a large amount of photos and videos. It comes with a SD slot that accommodates SD cards with maximum memory capacity of 512 GB.  


The camera accommodates multi lingual interaction for English, French, Spanish and German languages.

Conclusion for the Stealth Cam XV4 Game Camera

Stealth Cam XV4 is a decent high-end camera that delivers unparalleled sharpness and clarity even in images captured at night. For an out of this world hunting experience, Stealth Cam XV4 is the camera to have.


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