summit treestands solo pro ladder stand reviewSummit Treestands Crush Series Solo Pro Ladder Stand Review

The Summit Treestands Solo Pro Ladder Stand comes with a solid design which is made to last. With a weight capacity of 300lbs, the stand is the perfect choice for those who want to have a simple treestand which can last for years to come. Since it has a simple design, it is easy to setup. However, since it will be placed in a high position you should look to get familiar with the system at ground level first for safety reasons. The height of the Summit Solo Pro Ladder Stand reaches a maximum point of 18 feet, which will mean you will have to use a safety harness.

summit solo pro ladder stand reviews


  • 18 feet platform heigh
  • Simple and efficient design
  • 300lbs weight capacity
  • Gun rest
  • Full body armour


  • Can be heavy to set up for some hunters

summit treestands crush series solo pro ladder stand reviewsOverview

The Summit Treestands Solo Pro offers a simple choice for hunters who want good visibility. It comes with a height of 18 feet. Although this is not the highest platform you can expect from the manufacturer, it still offers a good perspective and above-average visibility.

In terms of comfort, the seat comes with a padded seat. With an attached backrest you can also ensure your waiting hours will be as comfortable as possible. The good news is that you can always be ready even while sitting. This is due to the gun rest design which can be perfect to shot in any position in front of you.

summit tree stands solo pro ladder stand reviews

The safety mechanisms are very important for these Summit Solo Pro Ladder Stands. As you will be located at a considerable height, you will need to wear the included full body harness. To make sure you stay away from any potential accidents you will need to get accustomed to the harness at ground level. The most important tip from the manufacturer is to always keep the harness away from the neck area which is where most accidents can occur. But if you take the time to get use to handling the harness, there will be plenty of simplicity in mounting and removing the safety system. With a weight of 83lbs you will also want to keep in mind you might need some help to mount the stand. You will at least need to get familiar with the stand at ground level. Of course, while you set usummit solo pro reviewsp the system or while you climb the ladder you want to keep guns on the ground to avoid accidents. Guns should be pulled from the ground while you are in a comfortable, seated position with the harness mounted.

The Summit Treestands Crush Series Solo Pro Ladder Stand comes with a compact design which is perfect for solo hunters. If you want to ensure the best practicality of the stand you will need to mount it together with the seat and the gun rest. These can act to improve your comfort but also as shooting platforms. For the best results an your own safety, you should wear the safety harness at all times.


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