Bushnell Sport 850 Rangefinder Review

The Bushnell Sport 850 Rangefinder comes with a range of 850 yards and can be a complete hunting solution. The device comes with two popular functions from Bushnell which includes the Deer Ranging Performance up to 200 yards and the Tree Ranging Performance up to 600 yards. With the popular functions comes the amazing accuracy which is hard to find with longer ranges. Thus, you will enjoy one-yard accuracy with the device which will be perfect to improve your results with every hunting session.


  • 850 yards range
  • Deer Ranging Performance function
  • One yard accuracy
  • Lightweight construction


  • No rain guard


The rangefinder might represent one of the best options if you are looking for a lightweight design with good accuracy. The accuracy is maintained across the range and while it might be influenced by variables such as light or weather conditions, it is among the top performing options from Bushnell. The device can be considered by the new and intermediate users who want to step away from the minimal entry-level options. This means you will be able to cover a larger distance than with similar entry-level models while enjoying the typical accuracy of the short range alternatives.

The device comes with two popular Bushnell functions which include dedicated modes for certain conditions. For example, you will get the use the Deer Ranging Performance function up to 200 yards. But you will also get the longer distance alternative with the Tree Ranging Performance as long as you stay within 600 yards. These two functions have been seen in some upmarket alternative from Bushnell and can make the difference if you are struggling to choose between similar specifications from different manufacturers.


The design of the device is made to abide by its lightweight nature which means you will get a plastic device without the metal housing. But you will get quality optics with eye relief at 20mm which means you will be able to concentrate for longer, making it a good alternative if you plan to use the device for a few hours each hunting session.

As you may expect from the manufacturer you will also receive some accessories to make your life easier. Thus, you will get to use the carry case to protect the device whenever you need to travel. You will also get a neck strap to avoid putting the rangefinder in your pockets and prevent slippage. You will even get a battery which means you`ll be ready to use the device as soon as you open the box.

The Bushnell Sport 850 Rangefinder is one of the top performers for the new user. Although it doesn`t come with the most amazing and durable construction, it is made to reduce the overall weight. Its lightweight design is perfect to use if you accessorize it with the included neck strap and carry it in the provided case. This will ensure the device will be usable for years to come even with a minimalistic design.


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