Rivers Edge Lockdown 21 One Man Stand Review

The Rivers Edge Lockdown 21 One Man Ladder Stand comes with a height of 21 feet. At this height, you will have a shooting platform above the market average which is perfect for larger or open areas which could suit a higher visibility point. With a capacity of 300lbs, the stand is perfect for any type of user as it is solidly built. Although it comes with a weight of just over 90lbs, which is around the market average, it manages to provide a solid frame for the user with the breathable mesh seat.


  • Good for standing shots
  • Mesh seat for added breathability
  • Mesh shelf under the seat for storage
  • Removable shooting rail
  • Full body harness


  • Too high for some users


The Rivers Edge Lockdown 21 One Man Stand provides a solid alternative for single person hunting. The tree stand is perfect for those looking for a combination of sitting and standing shooting options. The shooting rail is removable which means you`ll have more control on your shooting position. Before removing the rail, make sure your included full-body safety harness is in place as you want to be secured at such a height.

For hunters who enjoy a higher position, the stand offers the 21 feet platform which is perfect for monitoring a larger area. While you wait for the animals you can comfortably sit on the mesh seat. This will prove a useful feature, especially during those hot summer months. It may also be the design some users are looking for, especially those who spend many hours out hunting.

The design of the tree stand is perfectly made for a single hunter. It can withstand weights of up to 300lbs which makes it the perfect option for any type of user. The frame itself is not that heavy and it is in the market range. At 94lbs, the tree stand can be mounted by a single person which is the perfect situation or individual hunters.

With a removable shooting rail, the tree stand can be a good option for those hunters who like the combination of sitting and standing positions even while shooting. If you want to make the most of the height of the stand and its versatile rail, you may choose the tree stand as your only hunting option.

The Rivers Edge Lockdown 21 One Man Ladder Stand is a complete tree stand which offers good versatility in a light design. Although it doesn’t come with any advanced features it represents a solid option in terms of safety. With double railing and a full-body harness, the stand is the perfect choice for those looking for improved safety at a considerable height. At 21 feet, the stand will be slightly above the average of the market which means it will be suited for the advanced user or the hunter who needs to monitor larger areas. With a comfortable mesh seat which proves its benefits during the hot summer months, the stand can be the right option for the solo hunter.



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