Buck Knives Model 110 Review

The Buck Knives Model 110 comes with an elegant design which is hard to match. The knife uses a combination of materials and a performance which makes it hard to resist. With a natural-looking handle, the folding knife can be used for multiple purposes and the good news is that the blade will work for any type of work which includes piercing, slicing or any type of detailed jobs. Made in the USA using classic methods, the knife comes with a beautiful walnut handle which is coupled with brass bolsters to offer it a very distinctive look.


  • Made in the USA
  • 8oz weight
  • Classic design
  • Versatile blade


  • Sheath could be improved


The American classic knives manufacturer offers an impressive performance with the Model 110. The knife can be considered one of the durable options from the manufacturer at an affordable price. Although it might struggle to work for 5-6 decades as it predecessors, you may still expect years of good use from the knife which is made with a premium construction and materials.

The 3-3/4 inches represents a versatile option which will work best with detailing work. The blade will perform the best with piercing, slicing or detailed jobs. This is where you would see the most benefit from using such a blade.


Many people think that the classic approach to this folding knife comes with a heavy weight cost. But in reality, the knife comes with a weight of just 7.2 ounces which makes it lighter even than some alternatives with plastic handles. This is why you will also want to consider the knife for the best results with a lighter design than some other options on the market.

The beautiful walnut handle will be the main focal point of the folding knife. Finished to a high degree, the handle looks great and reminds of the great classics in the industry. The walnut is paired with the brass bolsters which accentuate the natural look of the wood without overpowering the look.

Since the knife comes with such a highly detailed construction, it would be best to keep in the included leather sheath for the ultimate protection. Although the sheath`s leather thickness could be improved, it will do a good job to keep your knife safe and in a locked location which can prove to be a good overall safety measure.

The Buck Knives Model 110 offers one of the best classic remakes on the market. It incorporates the elements hunters or fishermen remember very well from the classic alternatives from a few decades ago. This is why the manufacturer still shows that such designs can be made today and there are people looking to get a durable knife and who don`t want to use the plastic design which comes with most models today. With a beautiful walnut handle, the knife offers all you need in terms of fine detailing work. Even more, it does this with a fantastic classic design.


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