Cuddeback Dual Flash 20MP Model (G-5017) Trail Camera Review

Dual Flash 20MP Model (G-5017)

Are you wondering if the Cuddeback Dual Flash 20MP Model (G-5017) is right for you? Actually, this is a very popular camera used for monitoring or tracking whatever is taking place in the area it is installed. Its unique features allow you to record videos and capture top-notch images/pictures faster. And the best part is that the recorded contents are stored on SD card, that you can overwrite when there are many outdated files and need extra space to store the latest videos or images.

Presenting the Cuddeback Dual Flash 20MP Model (G-5017)

The Cuddeback Dual Flash 20MP Model (G-5017) records or captures photos/images and videos at incredible speeds – its trigger speed is a quarter a second. Actually, this is of essence slightest noise or sound could scare away animals/wildlife near the camera.


  • Unbelievably swift trigger speed (a quarter of a second)
  • Reasonably priced
  • Has a long battery life. Its 8 AAA batteries can last for months before being drained off.
  • Warranty is offered on batteries as well.
  • Exceptional 20MP image and video resolutions.
  • It is larger and therefore offers a wide field of view.


  • The images/photos can be blur, especially if not set up in the right location. It is imperative to check the resolution when setting up the camera.

Features and Benefits of the Cuddeback Dual Flash Trail Camera

High-Quality Images/Photos

The best thing about Dual Flash 20MP Model (G-5017) is that it captures top grade pictures/images of your target object. It gives crystal clear pictures/pictures of your target object because of its 20MP image resolution. The details on the background of the images are also visible when the image/picture is zoomed.

During the daytime, the color shoots objects in color. At night, it does the same task in monochrome. That said, it is suitable for proving surveillance 24 hours. It features Flash modules for optimal performance. Another common feature is Burst mode, which allows you to capture several images when the camera is triggered by movements. Also, you can set the camera to capture photos per intervals.

Batter Life

The camera features 8 AA batteries that are long lasting. That said, you save a lot of money that would be used for replacing batteries regularly. Also, you don’t have to worry how to power the camera especially if you plan to use it for a long time. For the batteries to last much longer, you can lower resolution and set the camera to take few shots.

No-Glow IR

The camera features No-glow IR. What for? Small nocturnal creatures are scared of flashes. The camera can detect slight movements and aluminate the shot quickly for the best results. The Flash range is about 50 ft to 100 ft. if there are no obstacles between the camera and the object, and the weather is good, the images produced are clear. Its many LEDs aluminate the object producing bright and sharp images.

Wide Angle

The camera is large, and can monitor a wide area when movements are detected.  

Conclusion for the Cuddeback Dual Flash Trail Camera

The Dual Flash 20MP Model (G-5017) is one of the best trail cameras on the market. It has a wide angle lens that covers an extensive area. Besides having excellent resolution, customisable settings and no-glow IR LEDs, the camera is priced reasonably at under $200. Another wonderful bonus is that it’s simple to setup.


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