Millennium M25 Hang On Review

The Millennium M25 Hang On comes as a good solution for the all-day hunter. The design of the tree stand is perfect for comfortable transportation. It comes with a foldable design which can be carried using the backpack straps giving it increased mobility. If you want to use it for the whole day, you will be glad to know that the stand comes with a foldable seat which will give you extra room on the large foot platform. This makes it a good solution for bow hunting and it can be also considered by those who need maximum space for standing.


  • 19lbs weight
  • 21” seat height
  • Foldable seat
  • Large foot platform


  • Not the most comfortable seat


The stand continues the tradition of the series with an easy set up and even with reduced noise while placing it into position. This makes it a good option for those looking for their first tree stand but it can also be a solid performer for the dedicated hunter who needs to combine sitting and standing for the ultimate all-day performance.

In terms of durability, the stand comes with a SafeLink chain which can prove to be one of the top designs for weight management. As a result, the stand comes with a 300lbs weight capacity which puts it on par with the top alternatives on the market. Without being bulky or hard to use, it manages serious weights with ease and the stand has also been tested to the industries` standards.

Safety can be another major concern with open designs. This is why the stand comes with a full body harness system with Suspension Relief System. This means it will bring the best out of each hunting experience since it will give you the peace of mind you need to start focusing on an improved performance while worrying less on potential hazards. To achieve this, you will need to quickly familiarize yourself with the harness. Those who already used a similar system will be ready to use the stand immediately. If you are new to tree stands, you should take your time to learn how to correctly setup the stand and how to minimize any risks.

The M25 HANG-On comes with a simple and robust design which is truly made for all-day performance. Although the breathable seat is not the most comfortable option from the manufacturer, it comes with a foldable design which might allow you to combine sitting and standing for the best hunting experience.

With a large foot platform you will have a comfortable experience standing or sitting and resting your legs. It makes the stand a good alternative for bow hunting and it can represent a solid performer which uses a strong chain to wrap around the tree. Although the chain design is not as popular on the market as some other alternatives, it still provides a good old-school solution for your hunting needs. With a top weight capacity, the stand is ready for any outdoor experience.



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