Stealth Cam G45NG Pro Trail Camera Review

The Stealth Cam G45NG Pro Trail Camera represents one of the top options from the manufacturer. Even more, it will prove to be among the most advanced devices on the market and this will certainly make it very appealing to the dedicated users. If you like to be on point with the latest technologies and if you want to maximize your comfort and the charging options, the G45NG Pro can represent one of the most recommended options.


  • 5-second trigger speed
  • Full HD video capabilities
  • GPS tagging
  • External power jack


  • No wireless connectivity


When it comes to a top-level performance, there are plenty of good options on the market. Even more, it proves to be a great option for those who want to improve their overall technologies with the latest options on the market.

The fast performance recommends the camera for certain types of subjects. Even more, it will work as one of the most interesting options when it comes to a responsive triggering. With a 0.5 seconds trigger speed, the camera will prove to be one of the handiest solutions on the market.

In terms of advanced functions, the camera will come with the GPS tagging function. This will allow you to improve the information you have with each picture. When you begin setting up multiple cameras, this feature will prove to be particularly useful.

With an external power jack, you will also be able to maximize the energy-performance of the camera. You will work closely with a design which is made for the ultimate performance and which is not tied to the regular alternatives that are pushing for the regular batteries and similar options.


The intuitive design of the camera rises to the level of the performance. With the popular camo design, the camera comes with intuitive buttons and a built-in display for easy configuration. This will thus prove to be one of the most interesting options when it comes to the user experience and together with the USB port, it can represent a highly-praised body that makes the camera stand out even more.

The Stealth Cam G45NG Pro Trail Camera is one of the most interesting options from the manufacturer. Stealth Cam has thus managed to deliver a product at the highest standards and it offers plenty of up to date functionalities which are highly regarded in the community. Even more, if you are looking to maximize the performance of the camera in terms of energy efficiency, you will be able to use the power jack with the included 12V battery box. This will set the device apart and will represent one of the best solutions for the users who need a top performance. Even more, if you are looking to maximize the performance beyond regular photos, you will be able to enjoy full HD videos at a 1080p quality. With such a great package, the camera can be close to the top on the market.


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