Stealth Cam GXW Wireless Game Camera Review

The Stealth Cam GXW Wireless Game Camera is one of the most up to date options on the market. It comes to meet the needs of modern users with a solid performance and great connectivity. You will thus be able to customize your experience. With a sensor that comes with added versatility, you will be able to choose your favorite settings ranging from 2 to 12 megapixels. The video performance is also at a high standard. Thus, you’ll be looking at a full HD video performance which recommends the camera among the top options on the market.


  • Wireless data transfer with a SIM card
  • 1080p video quality
  • 100 feet range
  • Infrared technology


  • No Bluetooth connectivity


The performance of the camera is among the best in its top level niche. Thus, you will get a great sensor, good data transfer options and full HD video capabilities. This will so be completed by the impressive 100 feet range which makes the device one of the most desirable options for the users who like to stay up to date with the latest technologies.

The sensor comes with a versatile approach. Thus, you’ll be able to tune the 12-megapixel sensor to a lower capacity. You would do this according to your light conditions and according to your desired level of detail. This means that you can save space on the SD card if you choose a lower megapixel configuration. The range of the camera is great as well. You will be able to capture subjects up to 100 feet away and this situates the device among the highly-performing options on the market. Even more, you will be glad to know this is done using the infrared technology and this can mean the camera has the ability to work undetected.


The best part about the camera comes with its up to date data transfer design. You can start with the built-in USB port to improve your data transfer rate. But you will also be able to use the GSM technology to have the pictures sent directly to your computer even at a distance. You will be able to use a SIM card with a dedicated plan to make this one of the best technologies of the camera. In fact, it should be the main discussion point. If you are unsure about the camera, you should decide on the GSM technology first.

The Stealth Cam GXW Wireless Game Camera represents one of the best options for those looking for the ultimate technologies and for the ability to use wireless data transfer. Using the GSM technology, the SIM card will come with a dedicated account that will allow you to transfer the data wirelessly to your smartphone, regardless of your location. The versatility of the sensor also recommends it among the most interesting options, especially when it comes to saving memory. The good news is that even if you need a backup solution, you can always use the integrated USB connectivity for data transfer.


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