Stealth Cam GXVRW Cellular Trail Camera Review

Stealth Cam GXVRW Cellular Trail Camera Review

Stealth Cam GXVRW is a cellular game a trail camera newly released to the market with fantastic specifications. The trail camera has taken the industry by storm with its 4G cellular network enabled by Verizon. It combines different high-end technologies and engineering which enables the camera to capture and transmit high-quality images at a high speed. Not only is the camera user-friendly but it also easy to set up in a remote location.

Presentation of the Stealth Cam GXVRM Camera

The cameras come in a unique design and well-built cases.  The latch is easy to open and close enabling the camera lock easily. The battery tray on the bottom of the scouting camera enables user load and offload batteries easily.  Stealth Cam GXVRW comes with a slot for a SIM card. It accepts Verizon SIM cards.


  • Users can operate several cameras with a single login.
  • Produces high quality pictures and videos.
  • It is a multi lingual camera that accommodates English, Spanish, French and German languages.
  • Fast trigger speed of less than 0.5 seconds.


  • It is expensive.
  • High power consumption results to low battery life.

Features & Benefits of the Stealth Cam GXVRM Cellular Trail Camera

Image and Video Quality

Stealth Cam GXVRW is a 22 Megapixels high definition camera that can be trusted for clear and candid pictures. In addition, Stealth Cam GXVRW records quality image at a video resolution of 1080P. The pictures bear a stamp indicating name, date, temperature and moon phase. The images and videos are transmitted directly to mobile phones through the Stealth Cam Remote App. They may be transmitted instantly or after sometime to your smartphone. Remote  Link Application enables user manage the camera and images produced from the comfort of their homes. In security mode, the camera rewrites all images and ensures the videos and pictures transmitted to your phone are the most recent.

The Smart Illumination technology works to ensure excellent image exposure. This technology works hand in hand with Matrix blur reduction technology which minimizes the blurring effect in all images especially in videos of animals captured in fast motion. In addition, the retinas low light sensitivity enhances the quality of images and videos captured under low light conditions.

Memory & Storage

The camera has a slot for SD card with expandable memory of 512 GB maximum capacity. It can store many videos and images at any given time.


Stealth Cam GXVRW is powered by a set of 12 AA batteries. The batteries are long lasting. However, it is important to note that cellular trail cameras that transmit images across a cellular network consume a lot of power.

Focus Range & Trigger Speed

The camera has a focus range of 100 feet which is large enough enabling the camera cover movements of wildlife over a wide area. It comes with a fast trigger speed of less than 0.5 seconds and a flash range of 100 feet.

Conclusion for the Stealth Cam GXVRW Trail Camera

Stealth Cam GXVRW is a decent camera with top notch features. It is definitely one of the best cameras you can find in the market with high-quality images and videos. It is a perfect choice for anyone seeking to their hunting experience and photography to the next level.


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