Summit Treestands rsxHawk Review

The Summit Treestands rsxHawk hang on stand comes with a simple design which is easy to set up. If you are looking for a minimalistic design which is made for function, the rsxHawk is one of the best options from the Hang On series. As the name suggests, the stand requires you to balance stability as you don’t have any armrests or shooting rails to hang on to. This means you`ll have to take the full body safety harness seriously and you should be clear on how to set it up before using the stand for the first time.


  • Sound Deadening technology
  • Minimalistic design
  • Structurally enhaced


  • No armrests


The RSX Hawk stand comes with a simplistic design which might appeal to some hunters. Its open design recommends it for bow hunting which is where the stand can truly show its versatility. With a large foot platform, the climber is perfect for a comfortable foot experience and is among the few options to offers such a considerable space. With a padded seat, you`ll also ensure the comfort of the hunting experience will stay at a high level.

One of the main concerns with such a simplistic design comes with safety. This is why you’ll have to take the included full body safety harness into consideration with every use. For this purpose, you can read the printed instructions or those on the DVD to get the idea of how the harness functions. You`ll also want to establish which best practices apply to your harness. Many times, the improper use of a harness can represent a larger hazard as it can get tangled and increase the risk of an accident.

The frame comes with a smart and foldable design. This is perfect if you plan to save space either in storage or in the car where you’ll have to place more hunting and sometimes even camping equipment. And this is where the smart design of the stand can truly show its versatility because you can actually remove the seat to improve storage conditions. Together with the folding frame construction, you will have one of the best seats and climbing stand on the market in terms of lightweight construction.

The Summit rsxHawk Hang On Stand comes with one of the most versatile designs from the manufacturer and can be considered a lightweight alternative to your climbing tree stand needs. With such a simplistic design which makes the difference in usability, you can use for bow hunting.

But you may find that its benefits transcend the basic bow needs as it can prove to be a versatile solution for storage and time required to set up. With a large foot platform, the stand is also a good choice for standing to stretch your legs. But you`ll need to make sure you are secured in the full body harness before trying the stand for the first time as there are no armrests or shooting rails to hold on to once you are on the stand.


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