Summit Climbing Treestands Sentry SD Review

The Summit Treestands Sentry SD climbing tree stand is one of the best options for bow hunters. The stand allows you a combination between sitting and standing and can represent one of the best choices for ultimate versatility. With a flip-up chair, you will be able to stand on the platform more comfortable, making the most out of the design. In terms of usability, the stand comes with open and closed front configurations and it can be transported using the backpack straps. Together with the full body harness system, you will thus enjoy improved visibility on a safe platform.


  • SummitLockT extruded aluminum construction
  • QuickDraw cable extension sysem
  • RapidClimb for time efficiency


  • Heavier than the alternatives


The stand represents one of the recommended options for a self-climbing option. If you are looking to get a durable construction which comes with some innovative technologies, the stand can represent one of the best solutions on the market. This is why many people would consider the stand a great addition to bow hunters who prefer to travel light and maximize their results with every occasion.

The stand uses a contoured mesh folding seat. There is no backrest with the seat but it can represent a good platform for most users. The mesh construction also recommends the seat for all types of weather conditions. Even after heavy rainfall, the seat can dry quickly making it a good option even in the autumn.

With a weight of 23lbs, the stand is not the lightest on the market. But it still does a great job at supporting most hunters. It can handle weights up to 300lbs which recommends it as one of the best choices for most users. Since the design allows you to reach various heights, it comes with a full body harness which is essential to your safety. This is why you should consider using the harness every time you climb a tree, with no exceptions. To stay away from potential accidents you should get to know the harness at ground level and read the instructions carefully.

One of the unique characteristics of the stand comes with the DeadMetal technology. This technology was developed by the manufacturer to minimize noise while climbing a tree. For this purpose, the manufacturer included expanding foam in some parts of the platform to limit the noise of the stand.

The Summit Climber Treestands Sentry SD represents one of the top choices in terms of versatility and use of innovative technologies. Although the manufacturer did not include a backrest with the seat, it still offers a comfortable experience with a breathable mesh construction.

Usability is also a top concern with the stand. This is why it comes with the RapidClimb stirrups technology which is perfect for most types of boots. This technology ensures your boot is safely attached to the platform giving you an increased feeling of safety and a better performance while climbing. With a silent performance, the stand can be a good option for bow hunting.


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