Summit Back Country Hang-On Treestand Review

The Summit Back Country Hang On Treestand comes with a simplistic design at an affordable price. If you are looking for a simple climbing tree stand, the Back Country can represent one of the obvious choices due to the ease of use which is based on the minimalistic design. In a market where every new product is packed with features, it might be difficult to find the best product with design simplicity. This is the strength of the Back Country which is one of best options if you are looking for maximum practicality.


  • 22lbs weight
  • 300lbs capacity
  • Simplistic design


  • No backrest


The Summit Hang on Back Country Hang-On Treestand is one of the simplistic stands which offer good support and a usability which might be hard to match by any other design. The stand comes with a weight of 22lbs which is around the average of the manufacturer but still light enough to be considered for all types of needs. The stand offers a weight support of 300lbs which is among the top performances from Summit.

If you are worried that the stand doesn’t come with enough safety due to its relaxed design, you should know that it uses a full body harness system. It is perfect for the ultimate safety and it is also mandatory for each hunting experience. Since there are no armrests or shooting rails, you will largely be responsible for balance and safety. This is why the harness becomes even more important. To make sure you don`t tangle it around your body you should ensure you read the full instruction of the harness and assemble it properly. The truth is that some users don’t take the necessary time to get to know the harness at ground level and this is why they might be subject to all types of accidents.

And this brings us to the biggest safety concern of the stand. Although it does come with a large feet support platform, the stand will need some careful use in terms of safety. If you plan to use it for the whole day, you might be better off with some other models from the series. If you only plan to use it for a couple of hours, you might have enough support and safety as long as you use the full body safety harness.

The Summit Back Country Hang-On Treestand is one of the most intriguing designs from the manufacturer. It combines simplicity elements which are hard to find with other similar products. At the same time, it is one of the lightest stands on the market and one of the easiest to use. The safety concerns shown by some users should always be addressed with the proper use of the full body harness. Only the harness can provide some safety in a situation where you are left without any armrests or shooting rails to hold on to while out hunting.


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