Moultrie A-40i Pro Game Camera Review

Moultrie A-40i Pro is a 14 MP game and trail camera. It is a relatively affordable gaming camera available in the market today. The camera comes  packed with a good set of features. The new model of Moultrie A-40i is quite impressive

Moultrie A-40i Pro Game Camera

Presentation of the Moultrie A-40i Pro

The game and trail camera comes in a well built and sturdy plastic case.  Generally, it is a small sized camera with dimensions 5 x 3.25 x 3 inches. Despite the small size, the improved  Moultrie A- 40i is much easier to set up in your favorite hunting spot. It is also features an unorthodox latch opening and closing mechanism.

The camera is much smaller than most cameras in the Moultrie generation 2 cameras.

The battery tray is located on the bottom side of the camera. It easily opens  when loading and unloading the camera.

Mounting the camera is done using the Slate River Mount located on the underside of the camera. This is through the 0.25” x 20 threaded insert. The camera can either be locked using a traditional python bracket at the back of the camera or  the front bracket by sliding the cable lock.


  • Videos and pictures produced are of high quality.
  • They have easy set up procedures.
  • The cameras come with long lasting batteries which can last up to 9 months when on picture mode.


  • On video mode, the batteries don’t last long. You might need to replace them quite often.
  • Low trigger speed for videos.

Features and Benefits of the Moultrie A-40i Pro Game Camera

Flash Technology

The camera utilizes the iNVISIBLE  infra-red technology. The technology makes the cameras suitable for use in a wide range  of applications. They can be used for security surveillance as well as for hunting wildlife.

Picture and Video Quality

Users of Moultrie A-40i Pro Game Camera are guaranteed of brighter clear and highly detailed images. The 14 Mega Pixels photo resolution is quite good especially more realistic and colorful pictures. The camera halts motion well at daytime. Videos with greater depth and contrast can be achieved thanks to the 1920  x1080 high definition video resolution and the motion freeze feature. Motion Freeze feature enables user to enhance the cameras shutter speed

Illumi-Night Sensors

In addition, the Illumi-Night Sensors enable the camera to capture bright and well defined nighttime images.

Trigger Speed

A trigger speed of 0.7 seconds, 60 feet flash range and 60 feet detection range gives the camera the ability to capture bright and clear images of wild animals at close and distant ranges.

Backlit Controls

The camera comes with several back-lit controls. These controls enable you set up the camera easily in both light and dark conditions.

Moultrie Back Camouflage

Moultrie A-40i Pro Game Camera comes with Camo bark camouflage. The camouflage enhances the security of the camera.

Conclusion for the Moultrie A-40i Pro Game Camera

Moultrie A-40i Pro Game Camera packs numerous excellent features in one.  It is a game camera that every hunter should look out for especially because of the high-quality videos and pictures it produces.  With this camera, you can monitor the movement of wild animals without scaring or alerting your targets.


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