Browning Dark Ops Elite HD Trail Camera Review

The Browning Dark Ops Elite HD Trail Camera is one of the recommended options when it comes to performance and affordability. The camera comes with a 10-megapixel sensor which is not new to the series but can still deliver good picture quality. With the invisible infrared flash technology which can reach distances of up to 70 feet, the camera represents a good option as a first device. It will be limited by the slightly shorter range of the detection sensor but this will still be above other similar alternatives on the market.


  • Full HD videos
  • Quality sensor
  • 70 feet flash range
  • Infrared technology


  • Limited detection range


The performance of the camera represents an attractive choice for the first-time user as it comes with an affordable price. This also makes it a good option for those looking to purchase multiple cameras and for those who want to limit the overall budget.

But the performance of the camera is still good as it manages to integrate a quality sensor and the infrared flash technology. With a fast trigger speed of just 0.4 seconds, the camera will prove to be one of the best options for a fast response. It would be hard to find a matching device in this category on the market and this is why so many users will appreciate its overall package. Based in the infrared technology, the flash will prove to be of real help during low-light situations.


The design of the camera comes with the same compact camo approach you can expect from Browning. This is why it manages to be one of the easiest to use options and it can also be one of the designs which are easy to maintain with minimal care. With an external power Jack, you will be able to connect the camera to a battery and this will add to its charging durability. It may also be a good option for the remote areas where you need a combination of energy solutions just in case.

With a slot for an SD card with a maximum capacity of 32 GB, it will prove to be one of the best options in terms of data management. You will thus be able to maximize the performance of the data transfer with simple memory card transfer.

The Browning Dark Ops Elite HD Trail Camera is one of the most interesting options when it comes to a complete entry-level solution. While there are thousands of alternatives, not many can come with such a low trigger speed and this makes the device highly desirable in a world where every frame can count. The detection range seems to be the only weaker characteristics and this will recommend the camera for smaller areas and this will be a top solution if you are looking to cover distances of up to 55 feet. Even if the flash can go further, you will still need to power of the sensor to cover your subjects.


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