The Leica Ultravid HD Plus Binoculars is one of the premium designs on the market. It comes with the quality you expect from Leica and it represents a true solution when it comes to premium designs. Even more, it will prove to be a good option for those who want to ensure a top quality design which can work both for practicality and even as a collector’s item.  The binoculars come with impressive optics and some of the most innovative protective coating for the optics.


  • HDC coating
  • Aquadura coating
  • Great for low light


  • Expensive for some users

The Leica Ultravid HD Plusn is one of the best binoculars when it comes to image quality and color reproduction. It comes with added capacity when it comes to controlling the light in bright conditions. This will prove perfect during the sunny days. Even more, it will handle low-light situations very well and it will maintain good sharpness which will translate into a better perception on your subjects.

The binocular also comes with some innovative coating which will protect its optics. One of these coatings is the Aqadura. The coating was developed by Leica research and it represents a good solution against scratches but it will also prove to be a great option in difficult weather conditions where you will need rainproof protection.

The coatings can represent an important addition, especially since the lenses are very expensive to manufacture. When it comes to design, Leica chose the timeless approach which recommends the binocular for an improved performance and even a wider appeal since it premium performance might intimidate many people. Even more, it will prove to be a great solution when it comes to good protection as the premium body will be able to keep the optics safe.

The only issue with the binocular comes with its impressive price. This is where you will need to assess if it represents the best option for you. In many cases, such products are used rarely or are seen as collectables. At the same time, their performance should not be wasted and this is why it needs to be seen as a great tool for clear images.

Furthermore, the binocular will manage to provide and impressive performance when it comes to longevity. Thus, the manufacturer is known for its durable designs and optics. They can be seen as a great solution when it comes to a future-proof design. With a great market value, the binocular will also prove to be a good choice for re-sale worth. For this purpose, it manages to be one of the interesting solutions if you can afford it. But the binocular will also prove to be a great choice when it comes to added durability with in-field situations. In these conditions, it will prove to be an interesting solution when it comes to good protective coating

and a body which is easy to use and which can also protect the optics for the ong-term.


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