Browning Defender 850 Trail Camera Review 2019

Defender 850

The Browning Defender 850 is a great trail camera capable of recording high-quality videos and capturing great images or pictures. It also allows you to transmit videos/images to a desktop computer or phone – it has a USB port that for connecting it to TV, pc or phone. In addition, it is compatible with software such as Trail Camera Viewers that allow you to view the contents in real time. The videos/images can be stored securely on the inserted SD card.

Presenting the Browning Defender 850 Trail Camera

The Browning Defender 850 Trail Cam is capable of detecting slight movements. It glows red when capturing videos/images at night. The camera is packed with numerous useful features, thanks to its advanced technologies. For instance, the camera has WiFi connectivity as well as Bluetooth: you can connect the app wirelessly. Also, this ensures that you download or view full HD videos as well as 20 MP images on desktop pc or mobile phone without necessarily changing the camera’s field of view.

This trail cam under $200 settings can be altered to match your preferences. For example, you can set it to view live videos/images on the phone or pc. It features 80’ detection range. The camera also boasts of highly adjustable IR flash (fast motion, low power or long range) for capturing crystal clear videos/images at night. It also has a tree mount built from a strong steel for firmly holding the camera in its field. Its case is strong, waterproof and durable. Other add-on features are 4 lithium batteries and SDXC card (16GB).


  • Very easy to set up
  • Takes or captures top grade videos/pictures accurately
  • Exceptional detection circuit


  • Very limited WiFi range
  • Its CR123 batteries are not readily available
  • Less batter life (3+ months only)

Features and Benefits of the Browning Defender 850

  • Inbuilt WiFi connectivity as well as Bluetooth for connecting Camera’s app wirelessly.
  • Perfect photo resolution (20mpxl) and video resolution (1920 by 1080 w/audio)
  • Captures high-quality videos/images at daytime and night. Especially, the contents are crystal clear, bright and well-illuminated.  
  • Captures and records contents at great speeds. The recovery times, as well as trigger speeds, are outstanding. In addition, its 80 ft detection range is perfect. In general, the detection circuit is superb and does not have any weakness.
  • Its case is solid and uniquely designed – and this enhances its durability. It also comes loaded with four CR123 batteries as well as micro SD card for storing captured contents.
  • Has a responsive app. The app allows you to customize settings, and all the settings can directly be accessed from this app. The app features easy-to-use navigation tools.
  • You can view videos/images quickly as well as playback.

Conclusion for the Browning Defender 850 Trail Camera

The Browning Defender 850 Trail Camera has is suitable for taking great images/videos. It very swift when taking images or recording videos, and can detect even slightest movements. You can store contents, preview them and playback as your wishes. But there are also downsides of using this camera. If you are wanting a camera providing a wide transmission range then it is not the right one for you.  Check out all the other Best Trail Cams here.


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