Browning Defender 940 Trail Camera Review 2019

Defender 940

Just like other trail cameras, the Browning Defender 940 Trail Camera is loaded with incredible features like inbuilt WiFi and Bluetooth. It also has a responsive app that allows you to customize settings and view contents. The best thing about this camera is its ability to record full HD videos and capture 20 MP quality images. With its app, you can view as well as download the contents of the camera to your desktop pc or mobile phone.

Presenting the Browning Defender 940 Trail Camera

Defender 950 is specifically designed to record high quality videos as well as capture clear images. The contents can then be transported to desktop pc or mobile phone. It is the perfect camera to capture videos or images of activities taking place in the camera’s field of view. It comes loaded with 80 detection, swift trigger speed (0.4 seconds) and IR motion sensors that are essential for taking 20MP pictures/images as well as recording full HD videos (1920 by 1080p videos with sound).


  • Setting up the camera is entirely frictionless
  • Has a great detection circuits


  • Its CR123 batteries are not readily available
  • A very limited Wifi range
  • Short battery life (3 months only)

Features and Benefits of the Browning Defender 940 Cam

  • Great video resolution (1920 by 1080 w/audio) and photo resolution (20 mpxl). The quality of images and videos captured or recorded at daytime and night are impressive. In specific, the contents are crystal clear, well-illuminated and have great contrast.
  • Powered by four CR123 batteries. The batteries can last for 3+ months in picture mode. In video mode, the batteries last for about 2.4 months.
  • Its detection circuit works great and there are no noticeable weaknesses. The Picture Trigger and Recovery Speed are 0.48 seconds and 0.8 seconds respectively. The Video Trigger and Recovery Speed on the other hand, are 0.6 seconds and 0.9 seconds respectively. Another reason why this camera is very fast is because of its 80 ft detection range.
  • The camera measures 4.25 by 4 by 3 inches, meaning that it does not consume much space. Its case design is not only unique but also very strong. The camera is covered with the plastic case that protects it from damages.
  • The memory card can be inserted as well. This is very important especially if you want to overwrite all the outdated videos or images and store fresh ones. The SD card is spacious enough to store as much content as possible.
  • Has a very responsive and easy-to-use app. The contents from the camera can be viewed using the app. Also, you can playback videos/images recorded or captured by the camera. Moreover, the settings can be accessed quickly. You can even customize these settings to match your taste.

Conclusion for the Browning Defender 940 Trail Camera

Setting up the Browning Defender 940 Trail Cam is fairly straightforward. The major downside is its limited WiFi range. If there are no obstacles between the target object and the camera, it is possible to record and capture videos/images from 100 ft. the camera has a compact and solid design making it durable.  You can check out other trail cam reviews here.


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