Rivers Edge SYCT Single Man Stand Review

The Rivers Edge SYCT Wide Ladder Stand comes with a 17 feet height. Although the tree stand is made for a single user, it has the weight capacity of 300lbs. It is also easy to mount by a single hunter as it comes with a total weight of 64lbs. This makes it one of the lightest stands on the market which makes it an attractive option for those who need a straightforward solution which is light and easy to use.


  • Dual stability blades
  • Larger ratcheting straps
  • Flip-up seat
  • Removable shooting rails


  • No mesh pocket


The tree stand comes with a solid construction which is made with dual stability blades. This means the stand will be safer and more stable as it will limit vibrations and back and forth movements. This feature is a nice addition for those hunters who want to limit possible sickness from the stand`s movements.

The mount system has also been significantly improved. It comes with larger ratcheting stability straps which will help you secure the stand to the tree together with the crisscross ratcheting straps. Thus, together with the double railing system, it can be said that the tree stand is made for the ultimate safety as it offers plenty of improved stabilizing features. There are some stand which offer simpler safety measure, but with improved measure, the stand represents one of the recommended options for people who need maximum safety.

With a height of 17 feet, the stand is along the average height on the market representing an option for all types of users and situations. In terms of comfort, the seat comes with a mesh seat which proves to be a good material choice for added breathability. If you are looking for a chair which offers good back support with good breathability but also a flip-up design, the stand might be a good option to go with. The flip-up design will allow you to make the most of the large footrest. If you`re a fan of padded railings, you can make the most out of the modern design which allows you to have a comfortable position which also works to prevent dents on your weapon.

The Rivers Edge SYCT Single Man Stand is one of the recommended options if you need to maximize safety at an average height which stands at 17 feet. The tree stand offers improved mounting straps and it also sets a new standard for vibration reduction and the reduction of front and back movements. With a lightweight design, the stand offers plenty of good reasons to be considered among the top choices for a single person stand. If you want a safe and lightweight stand which can be easily mounted due to the reduced weight of just over 60lbs, the tree stand might represent a good and comfortable option. With a breathable seat made from mesh materials and a useful flip-up design, the seat might provide enough versatility to satisfy even the advanced user.


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