Vortex Ranger 1500 Rangefinder Review

The Vortex Ranger 1500 comes with an impressive performance in a compact design. The device can cover distances of up to 1500 yards which places it among the top performers on the market. With accuracy within 3 yards, you will want to limit your efforts to a lower range to see the best results in terms of accuracy. But the device still represents a solid option for large open spaces and it is one of the go-to options for many dedicated users who need to maximize the results in open fields.


  • 1500 yards range
  • Waterproof design
  • Vertical orientation
  • Diopter adjustment


  • 3 yards accuracy


The performance of the compact rangefinder really recommends it as one of the top choices for all types of uses. This is why you can use it in wide open fields and it is why you can consider the device when hunting in clearings. But the rangefinder is capable of much more advanced functions.

One of the advanced functions which come with the rangefinder is its Scan Mode. This function is able of scanning the surroundings and offer complete readings on multiple subjects. This can prove to be a good feature in some situations where it might be difficult to establish your exact subjects in the area.


The smart design of the rangefinder recommends it for all types of users. This is one of the devices which is thus aimed at most situations and its durable construction recommend it as one of the options for long-term use. With diopter adjustments, you will be able to use the optics of the device to the maximum. This brings the rangefinder in the select category which addresses even people with eyesight problems. The 6x magnification of the rangefinder is perfect for the segment of the market but it could be improved with the future models of the manufacturer.

The compact design of the rangefinder also means you`ll be able to operate with a single hand. Out in the wilderness, this might prove to be its first characteristic you find most useful as it will simplify your experience considerably. With the waterproof design, you will also be able to use the rangefinder during all seasons. The good news is that since it comes with the waterproof construction you won`t need to cut your hunting sessions short at the first sight of rain as you`ll be able to continue the device through the day.

The Vortex Ranger 1500 is one of the compact rangefinders on the market which is made with a durable construction and a long-range performance. Reaching lengths of up to 1500 yards, you will be better equipped than ever before to see real results out in the wilderness. The only drawback to the rangefinder comes with the 3-yard accuracy which is not comparable to the top designs on the market. But if you are looking to purchase your first durable long range device, the Ranger 1500 can represent a solid alternative.


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