The Leupold Bx-5 Santiam HD 15x56mm comes with impressive 56mm lenses. The diameter of the lenses will allow it to offer 15X magnification and it impresses with the level of quality it can deliver with it. This means that the binocular will be recommended for subjects at a greater distance than what you can find with similar alternatives. When it comes to angles, it will offer a field of view of 23’ at a distance of 1000 yards, making it a good overall option with its wide perspective.


  • HD images with 15X magnification
  • 56mm lens
  • 23’ angle at 1000 yards


  • Expensive for beginners

The multi-coated binocular proves to be an interesting solution when it comes to a modern design. Even more, it manages to offer impressive performance with its multi coating. This will have an important role when it comes to contrast both in bright and low-light situations. Even more, the manufacturer managed to create the coating for the best protection from the user’s perspective as it will limit the amount of light in certain high-contrast situation for a comfortable image.

The binocular comes with a waterproof and a fogproof design. You will thus be able to use it in different situations and you will also be able to maximize your perspective as a user when it comes to unfavorable weather conditions. Thus, the lenses will not fog-up from the inside on any weather. This sealing means that they will represent one of the best solutions when it comes to durability and versatility in any situation.


When it comes to design, the most visible characteristic comes with the open-bridge approach. This is what actually allowed the manufacturer to reduce its weight considerably. Even more, it even comes with a tripod adapter. Thus, in case you don’t want to carry its extra weight, you will be able to fully enjoy a straightforward design which is meant for those long days spent outdoors. Since it will easily cover considerable distances, it will thus prove to be a great solution for a tripod for the ultimate camouflage.

The binocular will also come with a good set of accessories as you might expect at this level. Thus, it will offer a carry case which is great for long-term protection. But it will also come with a dedicated strap to make it easier to carry. With a dedicated lens cloth, it will also be easier to clean, especially if you will be situated in dusty areas or out in the wilderness during rain.

The binocular manages to offer impressive optics which is hard to match with the average options on the market. It will also come with a modern design but it will not be to the liking of the old-school player. Thus, you will be able to use it in certain conditions but if you prefer the classic green look to the modern gray, you might need to look elsewhere for a more traditional approach.


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