Rivers Edge Big Foot Regular Review

The Rivers Edge Big Foot Regular comes with a noiseless strap attachment. This enhances your camouflage and produces less disturbance in the wilderness compared to the metal on metal designs. The innovation continues with the lever action tree attachment. This attachment recommends the stand for a single strap design which is easier to use and also saves time on setup. As you might expect from the series, the stand comes with a removable seat which can improve the space on the platform.


  • Large foot platform
  • Padded seat
  • Noise reduction system
  • Full mesh platform


  • Not the largest seat


The Rivers Edge Big Foot Regular comes with a reduced weight of just 17lbs. This makes is slightly below the market average and it sets it apart as one of the best options for those users who travel often or who need to change from location to location. This weight is also manageable for backpack-style carrying. You will have to purchase the backpack straps separately in order to do this. But with such a light design you can even carry the stand in your hands if you don`t have to travel too far. One of the best parts of such a lightweight design in the combination with the noise reduction system is that it can maintain good camouflage even during setup.

But the stand is not only light but also quite strong. Fans of the manufacturer know that the series offers support for up to 300lbs, even with the reduced overall weight. In terms of safety, the stand needs the full body harness. The good news is that the harness is included with the stand but you will need to familiarize yourself with the stand, especially if you are new to these hunting techniques.

You can do so by consulting the detailed instructions of the tree stand. A good tip is to start practicing at ground level first, where there are no associated risks. If you plan to use the stand for the first time you should already by familiar with all the safety requirements both for the platform and for the harness.

The Rivers Edge Big Foot Regular represents one of the best options in terms the foot platform to space ratio. The good news is that you can remove the seat for maximum space on the platform when you need it. The seat itself is very comfortable, with a cushioned design. Although it is not the largest seat it is still a decent option in case you want to combine standing with sitting.

The full mesh design foot platform represents the strong point of the stand. Without being too large it creates the impression of space and with the removable seat it may actually provide a comfortable experience for bow hunting. If you have no problem with the reduced size of the seat, the tree stand can represent a good option for you. For the safest performance with this design, however, you will need to make the most of the included safety harness.


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