Leupold RX 850i TBR Rangefinder Review

Leupold RX 850i TBR comes with a range of 850 yards. This represents a good option for people looking for long-range alternatives which are easy to use and come in a durable design. The rangefinder comes with advanced technologies which make it one of the recommended options on the market within this range. Thus, you can expect a compact device which comes with the Digitally Enhanced Technology which is perfect for the best accuracy even with busy backgrounds of different colors. Together with Last Target Mode, these functions can be representing a great addition to a powerful rangefinder.


  • Long range performance at 850 yards
  • Scan Mode for multiple targets
  • Digitally Enhanced Technology
  • Last Target Mode


  • Too small for some users


The performance of the rangefinder is a true testament to what Leupold has achieved in the rangefinder market. You will get one of the most compact devices you can find but which come with long-range capabilities which are perfect for those who need to maintain camouflage and enhance accurate readings. Thus, you will be able to find a top device which comes with a range of 850 yards and is one of the best choices for people who need to cover a significant area in the wilderness.

The Scan Mode is one of the interesting technologies which come with the rangefinder. It basically scans the environment giving you readings on multiple subjects and can thus be a good option if you hunt in busy areas.

Another patented technology comes with the Digitally Enhanced system which ensures you get amazing accuracy every time. Practically, you will get accuracy within the 0.5 yards mark which is very difficult to achieve for the competition. Leupold`s technology might be a good option if you truly plan to take your skills to the next level.

Last Target Mode is another interesting technology which might represent a good choice for people who need to clearly differentiate between subjects when they are close together. This means you will get the opportunity of working with multiple subjects and get multiple precise readings even dense backgrounds.


The ultra-compact design of the rangefinder can be its strength and its weakness. If you have larger hands, you might not feel the design is made for you. But its lightweight means that you can use it for hours at a time and the good news is that this can represent a good stepping stone on what to expect from the manufacturer in the future.

The Leupold RX 850i TBR is a compact rangefinder which comes with a powerful experience. Its long-range capabilities will see you using the device with ranges of up to 850 yards which means you`ll get the opportunity of improving your accuracy at considerable distances in the wilderness. You will also find the rangefinder comes with some of the most popular technologies from the manufacturer which makes it one of the best choices for those who need to perform at the highest level.


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