Rivers Edge Big Foot XL Review


Rivers Edge Big Foot XL Review

The Rivers Edge Big Foot XL comes with a large foot platform which is perfect for space maximization. With an amazing comfort provided by the floating seat, the stand can represent a complete option for hunters of all levels. Rivers Edge also included the noiseless strap attachment system which eliminates metal on metal design. You thus not only get a comfortable and spacious tree stand but also a product which can maintain your camouflage out in the wild.


  • Floating seat
  • Noiseless strap attachment
  • Flip-up seat design
  • Spacious foot platform


  • Only suitable for bow hunting


The impressive stand comes with good comfort levels and spacious design. This recommends it as one of the best options for hunters of all levels but especially for the dedicated users. The amazing design technology allows the stand to maintain an impressive weight. This is why it comes with a weight of just 15lbs which makes it very attractive for all types of users. The reduced weight makes it perfect for both the average users who will be inclined to choose the lightest option and for the advanced user who needs to move it from place to place more often.

With improved lever action, the New Big Foot XXL is easier to use than ever before. The XL platform with footrest also provides improved comfort and the ability to maximize stretching and standing. Together with sitting on the floating seat, the stand offers one of the most comfortable experiences with one of the largest options from the manufacturer. Although it is not the largest tree stand with the largest foot platform, it creates the impression that it comes with maximum space which is clearly the benefit of the manufacturer which designed the amazing product. Even more, with a weight of just 15lbs you have open options to trekking and reaching distances further and further into the wild.

The stand also comes with good durability as you may expect from the series. The standard 300lbs weight capacity is offered by the tree stand which is more than enough to satisfy even the heaviest users. And since you will be using a light weapon such as a bow you can make the most out of the weight management of the stand.

The Rivers Edge Big Foot XL is a true option if you are looking for a balanced tree stand. Without revolutionizing the technologies used in the series, the manufacturer has managed to create one of the most impressive designs which are not only larger than the average but also lighter and modernly made. This means it represents a good option for people looking for the latest designs which can support the latest requirements in the field such as noise management. With the popular noise reduction system, the stand represents a solid option if you want to maintain good camouflage. This can be enhanced the higher you go on the tree but the last thing you want is various sounds and noises made by metal to metal contact.


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