Lone Wolf Sit and Climb Combo II Review

The Lone Wolf Sit and Climb Combo II climbing tree stand is the most comfortable hybrid tree stand from the series. Lone Wolf has a few products which work great with improved versatility and independence. This is why it provides the best alternative for those who like the hybrid design but need the extra comfort to push for longer hours in the same position.  The tree stand comes with a comfortable seat with a backrest and still manages to have a reduced weight of just 20 pounds.


  • Very comfortable seat
  • Versatile design
  • Distinctive foot platform
  • 30″ x 19.5″ one-piece cast aluminum paltform


  • Comes with a longer learning curve


The hybrid tree stands from Lone Wolf is certainly one of the best choices for those looking for an improved experience in terms of comfort. It does not place an important value on the maximum comfort without the ease of use and this is why the manufacturer did a great job at limiting the impact of the weight on the versatility of the device.

This is why the stand comes with a weight of just 20 pounds, even with the large seat with a backrest. The seat is perfect for those who value comfort and have the ability to handle such a versatile climbing option. This is where you will encounter a longer learning curve with the product compared to the lightweight alternative from the manufacturer. The stand might represent a good upgrade from the minimalistic options from Lone Wolf. But even if this is your first hybrid tree stand, you can still take your time to get familiar with the design. You should do this at ground level, where it is easier to familiarize yourself with the 2 traction belts and the adaptability to a 6” to 19” diameter tree.

The good news is that once you get familiar with the design, you will be able to use it to the maximum capacity. The stand comes with a weight capacity of 350 pounds which is the most the manufacturer offers. It also comes with the popular and tested 6-point Fall Arrest System which is perfect for proper stability. The stand is also capable of accommodating most parallel limb bows and opens up new opportunity for different hunters.

The platform comes with the popular and original 3D camo design which does a great job at blending in with the environment. The stand also uses the popular backpack straps which are perfect if you plan to carry it for long distances. You can even take the opportunity to use the Lone Wolf Sit and Climb Combo II for multiple days out hunting. Since you won’t be carrying much extra weight from the alternatives for hybrid stands from the manufacturer, you will be able to still reach further for longer. This is where the stand can truly show its potential, because unlike traditional stands with steps, it gives you more freedom and a visibility angle which is customized to your own needs.


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