Rivers Edge Tower 10’ Review

The Rivers Edge Tower 10’ represents one of the best camouflage options out in the wilderness. With an increased capacity of 500lbs it can hold two users and it comes with 360-visibility if you take the camo down from the tower. With a weight of 181lbs, the tower is not very light but it comes with a robust design which is stable and can support two users and 8 shooting windows. The good news is that even the doors come with a zipped design which is perfect for easy access. In terms of stability, the manufacturer added ground pads to support the considerable weight.


  • 500lbs weight capacity
  • Improved camouflage
  • Height platform 9′ 9″


  • Heavy design


The tower offers amazing views with 360-visibility. You will now be able to monitor larger areas from a higher perspective and in all directions which are a hunter`s dream. The increased camouflage of the tower recommends it for all style of hunting and for all types of users. The good news is that that camo can be taken off but it can also be used with fewer windows. The total number of windows is 8 and it follows the tower on all 4 sides representing a solid option for all types of shooting conditions.

If you are worried about the draft you should know that the camo offers zipped doors which are also perfect for easy access. The tower has a capacity for two users as it can hold weights of up to 500lbs. Of course, this needs to be backed by a stable and solid frame which is based on the 180lbs weight.

You will also be glad to know the tower comes with a shooting rail which supports all types of fire weapons. In theory, you could also use the tower for bow hunting. In practice, it might be difficult to do so with the camo on but it remains a possibility for some types of hunters. But the manufacturer ensured the stand can support both the user or users and all the needed equipment by adding ground pads. These disperse the weight and make the tower maintain an improved stability.

The Rivers Edge Tower 10’ is one of the best towers for a lower height. At 10 feet above the ground, it provides good visibility which is often times improved by the 360 design. This means you can expect to see everything going on around you and with the added camo you can even allow yourself to improve camouflage while waiting for the targeted animal.

With a window design, you will be able to maintain surveillance from a single perspective or you can adjust the windows to cover multiple areas. You can even remove the covers to maximize visibility and improve all the surveillance requirements from such a tower. But maybe the best news comes with the increased weight capacity. At 500lbs the tower represents one of the best options if you plan to hunt with a friend or with your partner.


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