Millennium Tree Stands M7 Microlite Hang-On Review

The Millennium Tree Stands M7 Microlite is one of the minimalistic climbers with maximum compactness. This means you’ll be able to store it away from the reach of children and even save space while transporting it your car. It represents the lightest hang-on tree stand from Millennium and can be considered one of the best choices if you value a compact design which would be best suited for bow hunting. But such a minimalistic design can also be used in other areas such as photography.


  • 300lbs weight capacity
  • Impressive 8.5lbs weight
  • 20” seat height


  • Not the most comfortable option


The stand is the manufacturer`s lightest proposal for tree climbing. This means it will not be suited for all types of hunters but it may represent a good option for those users who need to save space and need the lightest design. With a weight of just 8.5lbs, the stand is hard to match with any other alternatives, even from other manufacturers.

This means it will bring the best experience for bow hunting where you would tackle light equipment with you while out hunting. The climber comes with a mesh seat which might prove useful in certain situations. For example, you can use it during the hot summer months when you need good breathability to stay away from sweat as much as possible. But the stand can also be a good option if you are caught in the rain since it can dry quickly.

Although it comes with a simple design, the climber still has a good weight capacity. Amazingly, it will hold weights of up to 300lbs which is on par with some larger and more popular models on the market. Since you might be wondering about the safety of the stand, you need to realize that this design is not made for the top heights and it is not a performer at the level of some larger alternative. It can rather represent a good option for those hunters who need a quick alternative or who value its space-saving abilities.

Since it comes with a minimalistic design, the stand is perfect for storage and for saving space in your car. As hunting equipment quickly adds up, it can represent a tool in a basic equipment collection and this is why it will prove popular with many types of users.

The Millennium Tree Stands M7 Microlite Hang On is the smallest option from the manufacturer. Although it does not have the size or even the comfort of some of the biggest rivals, the stand has its own character and can represent a good option if you prefer to travel light and can`t afford heavy equipment. As a consequence, the manufacturer`s design comes with a weight of just 8.5lbs making it the lightest stand and with a minimalistic design. The mesh seat may also prove to be enough for a few hours of use but it will not be the best option if you plan to spend the whole day out hunting.


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