Rivers Edge Perimeter Pod Review

The Rivers Edge Perimeter Pod comes with a 10 feet elevation which prove to be one of the best additions for improved visibility. The seat comes with a 360-swivel function which recommends it for maximum visibility and can represent the platform for larger area surveillance. The pod comes with solid climbing ladder and a good foot platform which can also be used all-around the seat. With built-in ground pads, the pod represents the perfect solution for all your hunting needs.


  • Improved elevation
  • 360-visibility
  • 300lbs weight capacity
  • Ground pods for stability


  • Hard to move at 94lbs


The pod represents a great alternative to a hunting tower. With a lighter design and an approachable usability, it represents one of the best options for people who are looking to monitor larger areas and need a minimum elevation. Although the pod comes with a 10 feet elevation, this might not be enough for some hunters. If you need a higher platform you can look for a tree stand instead. But for most users, this will be enough and it will also represent a practical solution.

The durability of the pod is ensured by its simple construction which can handle weights of up to 300lbs. This makes it similar to a tree stand with capacity but since it has no anchoring point it needs to come with a complex design. This brings it to the weight of the pod which with 94lbs represents a solid platform but which can be difficult to move around. This is why you should only set it up in a good location which is going to be used for hunting. As you want to make the most out of the 360-visibility, you should try to place it in a clearance or open field to maximize surveillance. If you plan to use it in a forest you can place it between trees so you at least have the front and back visibility.

In terms of comfort, the pod comes with a compete seat which represents a good platform for any type of hunter. The seat comes with a breathable design which is perfect if you plan to use it during the hot summer months. It can also be a good option when you start a hunting session after rain as it can dry quickly. With a padded shooting rail, you will have one of the best shooting bases you can find with similar designs.

The Rivers Edge Perimeter Pod is one of the top products for added visibility and comfort. Although it comes with a height of 10 feet, it still represents a good option for surveillance. As you will want to be above the ground to see the targets in time, the pod can be used with ease as it comes with a practical design. With a large climbing ladder, the pod is perfect for quick access and can represent a solid option for hunters who need improved accessibility over an alternative design such as a tree stand.



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