The Tract Tekoa Binocular comes with a lightweight polycarbonate fiberglass body. This makes it uniquely lightweight and one of the best solutions for traveling users or those who simply spend the whole day in the wilderness. But it will also feature a good durability and resistance to scratches, oil on the lens and even dust or dirt. This makes it the perfect solution for an outdoor use where your binocular will encounter all types of potential hazards.


  • Fiberglass body
  • Oil-repellant coating
  • ED glass technology
  • Adjustable eyecup


  • Not distinct from rivals

The binocular is one of the recommended solutions when it comes to a lightweight design. It will manage to provide a solid platform for the optics as it comes with the polycarbonate fiberglass construction. This means that it will work as a recommended solution when it comes to durability and even to a lightweight solution that is great for both men and women.

As fans of the manufacturer expect, it also comes with the distinct ED technology. This will prove to be a major advantage when it comes to offering the best images. Furthermore, this technology aims to deliver a simple objective and eliminate the chromatic aberration you can expect with some cheaper alternatives. This makes the binocular a top solution when it comes to a modern design and one of the recommended options for those who simply want to enjoy a crisp image, even in bright conditions where many of the alternatives will struggle with sharpness and clear edges. This is why it will be worth to consider when it comes to the right optics in the segment.


Even if it doesn’t come with a unique or innovative design, the binocular will be distinct enough for many users to consider it. But most importantly, it will come with a reduced weight which sees it as a recommended solution when it comes to durability and the probability to use it in difficult terrains.

Even more, the special protection of the lenses against oil spots recommends it for the dedicated users who need a solid solution beyond the classic alternatives which would have them reach for a microfiber cloth every time. With added resistance against scratches, it represents a good solution to get started in difficult outdoor conditions.

But one of the most interesting characteristics from the manufacturer is also found in the binocular. The famous adjustable eyecups are thus offered for the ultimate customization. You will be able to set them to your desired level and keep them there in a locked position. This will make the binocular a good option when it comes to a modern design and when it comes to added adjustability Thus, it might not be as innovative as you would hope for but it will include some of the most popular features from the manufacturer. Even more, it will be a top solution when working with difficult conditions as it will manage to come with great durability and scratch resistance.


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