Moultrie A-35 Game Camera

Boasting up to 32 Led lights, the Moultrie A-35 Game Camera will capture images at long range making it a great must have for the avid hunter. They say information is the true power. Well, this camera will tell you all you need to know about the activities of your prey.

Expect clear images thanks to the 14 megapixel camera lens. You will be able to identify the prey species even at long distances of up to 80 feet. Single out the trophy buck and know where to set the perfect ambush.

The speed of capturing images is enhanced with the Moultrie A-35 Game camera. A 0.7 second triggers system enables you will be able to get clear images of deer even while in full flight. Scouting has never been so interesting.

Night time imaging is made possible thanks to the infrared flash. Silent and invisible to the prey, the camera will still take shots in pitch black darkness.

To ensure the camera is undetectable by animals, it comes with a smokescreen finish that blends perfectly to the surroundings.

There are two resolutions that can be selected with the Moultrie A-35 Game Camera. These are the 1920×1080 and the4992x2808. Choose between the two when taking a 15 second video.

For extended battery life, the camera uses 8 AA batteries that allow it to take 16,000 pictures. These make use of a storage capacity of 32 GB SD card.


  • Durable construction
  • Camouflaged with the smoke screen exterior
  • High resolution images
  • Easy to install


  • Doesn’t not have a very fast trigger time

Image viewer

Some high end trail cameras come with a built-in-viewer. More experienced hunters can attest to the advantages of having this feature. It comes in handy when the camera is set up in far locations. When you haven’t carried a computer, it will also prove quite useful.

The built-in-viewer has a few advantages that make the trail camera a step above the models that don’t. These include:

  • By offering a view of the surrounding during set up, you can adjust the height and angle to capture the right images. Trail cameras that do not have this feature may have a problem of being set wrong giving halfway images of your prey.
  • In case you find that the memory card doesn’t have enough storage space, the built-in-viewer allows you to select the pictures that are useful and delete the empty ones. This gives you more space for the second round of scouting.


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