Stealth Cam G45NGX Trail Camera Review

Stealth Cam G45NGX is a recent innovation in the Stealth series of game and trail cameras. Similar with other Stealth cameras, it is made to meet the desired quality standards. With Stealth Cam G45NGX, users are assured of decent and professional videos and images. Not only is the camera useful in hunting wildlife but also in security surveillance. If you are a technology enthusiast, then this is the perfect camera to look out for.  

Stealth Cam G45NGX

Presentation of the Stealth Cam G45NGX Trail Camera

The camera comes with a thick, well built and durable case. The latch is strong and functional. It opens and closes easily to lock the camera. It features built-in python lock brackets. The camera can be mounted easily thanks to the Slate River Mount and the ¼ inch x 20 threaded slot on the underside of the game and trail camera. Generally, the camera is strong and durable and it can remain functional in the field for a longer period of time. The battery tray opens and closes easily to load and eject batteries.


  • Excellent picture and video quality.
  • Well built and durable camera and case.
  • Super fast trigger and recovery speed for photos and videos.


  • Just like other game and trail cameras, it consumes a lot of power.

Features & Benefits of the Stealth Cam G45NGX Game Camera

Flash Technology

The camera utilizes Low glow infrared flash technology. The advanced technology ensures sufficient lighting for brighter and clearer videos and pictures. It also works to minimize scare to wild animals in a remote location especially at night time. In rapid fire mode, the camera captures 1 to 9 photos for every trigger.

Image & Video Quality

With a 22MP high Definition resolution and 1280 x 720P, users can acquire high-quality images and videos. All images are stamped with information on time and date they were captured, photo identity, moon phase and temperature.

Trigger & Recovery Speed.

The cameras have a relatively fast video trigger and recovery speeds of 1.17 seconds and 2.6 seconds respectively. The photos trigger and recovery speed is also quite fast; 0.4 seconds and 3.4 seconds respectively.  

Detection Range & field of View.

The camera comes with a large field of view, 42.9 degrees.  In addition its’ 70 feet detection range is large enough to provide good coverage of your remote location.

Bark Camouflage Feature.

Once the camera is set up in the woods, it is camouflages with the bark of a tree thanks to it bark camouflage feature. This helps in protecting the camera for being targeted by malicious persons or destruction by wild animals.

Power supply

The camera can be powered by a 12 Volt power supply source through the 12 volt external power supply jack.

Memory & Storage

The camera boasts a large storage capacity and can accommodate SD cards with the capacity of up to 32 GB.  

Conclusion for the Stealth Cam G45NGX Trail Camera

Stealth Cam G45NGX is a decent game and trail camera with excellent features and specification. It is a camera worth having especially is a high-quality device with a high quality output. All images and videos produced by Stealth Cam G45NGX are bright and clear. It is therefore the next thing you should check out for.


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