guide gear 18' jumbo ladder tree stand reviewGuide Gear Jumbo Stand Review

The Guide Gear 18′ Jumbo Ladder Tree Stand comes with a platform height of 18 feet. It has a good versatility and with decent features, it might represent a good solution for the single hunter. At 18 feet it is positioned at the perfect height for most hunting situations. Without being too high or too low, it provides the platform and comfort need for optimum hunting. With a padded seat and a full foot platform, the tree stand is among the straightforward products which are aimed at the dedicated hunter.

guide gear 18 foot jumbo ladder treestand reviews


  • 18 feet platform
  • Full foot platform
  • Padded seat and shooting rail
  • Steel construction


  • No recline seat


The Guide Gear 18′ Jumbo Treestand combines some of the proven features of the 18 feet tree stand. These types of stands have been proven to be the most popular choices with so guide gear 18ft jumbo tree stand reviewsmany hunters. This is due to the perfect height which is not too high for the average user. It provides good visibility and also the camouflage needed to avoid being detected by the animal. With a good construction, it has all that is needed to support your hunting needs.

In terms of comfort, the tree stand comes with a padded seat and back rest. This way, you can stand back while waiting for the animal and for the perfect shooting time. Since the shooting accuracy can always improve, you can use the padded rail as a platform and improve your aim. The padded rail can also serve as a good design feature to lean your weapon on as it can also keep it away from scratches.

The Guide Gear Jumbo tree stand comes with a large flip-up footrest. It may serve as a comfort design feature but it may also be a good method of resting your feet and reducing the impact on the spine while doing so.

guide gear jumbo tree stand reviews

The flip-up foot rest is a nice addition which may turn some undecided hunters towards the tree stand. It also features the comfortable seat which is hard to find in this range, especially considering the back support. With so many options to choose from, it might be difficult to choose one, especially at this height. But the platform has good features which guide gear jumbo treestand reviewseem oriented towards comfort and this will certainly appeal to many hunters.

The Guide Gear Jumbo Ladder Tree Stand comes with a popular height of 18 feet. It can represent a good option for the single hunter who needs a solid platform to stand on with minimum overall comfort levels. This is ensured through the padded seat and rail but also with the foot platform. This platform is perfect if you plan to sit for more than a few hours. It can give you the space to move around while waiting for the animal. For safety reasons, you want to use the reclined rail to keep you in position but you can also use it as a shooting platform. The padded rail may be one of the simplest yet most effect features of the tree stand.


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