The Leica Noctivid Binoculars represents a premium option for the dedicated users or for collectors. It comes from a company which is known for its impressive role in the optics industry, making its mark on optics as we know it today. The Schott HT glass with 12 elements represents a great start for the binocular. With corrected roof prisms and various coatings for anti-reflection and durability, it will prove to be a great choice for many users. Even more, the binocular comes with impressive straight light suppression and offers one of the best viewing options for any subject.


  • Premium design
  • Schott HT glass with 12 elements
  • HighLux and AquaDura coating
  • Great for color neutrality


  • Expensive for most users

The binocular comes with an impressive design which recommends it among the best solutions on the market. Its premium characteristics mean that it will not aim to satisfy most users but only those who can truly appreciate its true value. Even more, it will represent a great solution for professionals who need to be out in nature to see the best details with the most impressive color neutrality.

As one of the best solutions on the market in terms of premium optics, it will manage to deliver an impressive performance which recommends it for any user who wants to see quality images with real depth and color neutrality. Its 12-piece lens design will also prove to be a fantastic design when it comes to reducing direct light and it will offer good filtration using the various professional-grade coatings. With impressive construction, they will prove to be a great design and one of the best solutions when it comes to a durable approach.

At the same time, they might not be the best option for the average consumer who takes regular outdoor trips. As a premium design, they would need special care and this means you might not want to pay the price for any unwanted damages. At the same time, professionals will prove to see it as a dedicated solution for an impressive performance and this is why it will be worth to consider when it comes to advanced users or those who simply want the best details with the best color reproduction.

The binocular will join other great option from Leica which constantly impress the world of good optics. The only problem remains with its pricing. You will need to establish if it is a good solution for you and you will also need to see if its price can come with some return for you. At the same time, it is seen as an investment and can be a collector’s item for the right person. Its premium and market-leading optics will see you using one of the most impressive binoculars in the industry. Of course, its finishing could be improved, but it is closer to an idealistic approach than to a binocular which can be used every week for menial tasks which can come with some other alternatives on the market.


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