Rivers Edge LockDown 21’ 2 Man Ladder Stand Review

The Rivers Edge LockDown 21 2 Man Ladder Stand Review is a durable solution for pairs of hunters. If you plan a day out hunting with a friend or your partner, the stand might represent a great option. It comes with an adjustable height which varies from the lower end of 8 feet to 21 feet. This means the stand is the perfect solution for those who need higher than average shooting levels but it can also work for those afraid of height with the lower level settings.


  • Adjustable height
  • 21 feet maximum height
  • 500lbs total weight capacity
  • 2 X full body harness


  • 124lbs stand weight


The stand offers a premium design. It is both well-made and comfortable for two hunters. Of course, you can also use it by yourself if you need more space. But the tree stand can hold up to two people with the combined weight of 500lbs.

The manufacturer included the most requested features in such stands as it managed to offer a pleasant experience for most types of hunters. More specifically, it provided the stand with a reclining bench with a backrest. Although you might think this is not an advanced feature, surprisingly, there are still some manufacturers who don`t offer this with their designs.

You also get plenty of leg room with the foot rest which can accommodate two people. Even more, the area can also be used for storage purposes. This is why the manufacturer included a mesh material under the seat which can be used to store some of your personal objects and accessories.

In terms of shooting stability, you can use the rail to provide a platform which can be beneficial to your accuracy. But the rail can also be removed. The design is made for archers’ performance. Since the tree stand measures 124lbs, you might need some help while setting it up. With dual stability blades, you can rest assured the bark-biting stability bar will offer a solid platform which reduces vibrations. With added stability straps and extra crisscross straps you can say that the stand can be considered very safe, even for two hunters.

But safety is also improved by the harness system. You will receive two harnesses for maximum protection. To avoid any potential accidents which might involve the harnesses tangling in the air, you want to experiment with them on the ground first. This way you will take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the harness design and together with your partner, you can exercise some basic movements and adjustments before you climb to the stand.

The Rivers Edge LockDown 21’ 2 Man Ladder Stand is one of the complete solutions for two people. It is designed for both fire weapons and archers and comes with plenty of space for comfort and even accessories. This is why you might be tempted to consider the stand as one of the best at the 21 feet height.


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