guide gear 18' brush ladder tree stand reviewGuide Gear 18’ Brush Ladder Stand Review

The Guide Gear 18’ Brush Ladder Tree Stand is a high tree stand that offers good comfort. At 18 feet above the ground, it has one of the most impressive viewing angles you can find from the manufacturer. It is safe to say that the construction is made to last and to reduce vibrations at the same time. With the safety pins ladder design, it will support you and your weapons with ease while giving you a comfortable seat with armrests that will make hunting for hours a pleasure.

guide gear 18' brush ladder treestand reviews


  • 18 feet height
  • Padded seat with armrests
  • Extra safe design
  • Roomy foot platform


  • No shooting rail


If you want a comfortable 18 feet tree stand you will quickly realize how limited the good options truly are. You either get an 18 feet design with

Guide Gear Brush Tree Stand Review

reduce comfort or good comfort but not at this height. The 18’ Brush Stand offers all of the features you might need while out hunting. It is considered to be one of the most comfortable designs on the market and this is due to the sitting position, included arm rests and the roomy feet platform.

The sitting position has the most impact on your comfort level. Of course, you can get away with an uncomfortable seat for a couple of hours, but if you plan to sit all day, comfort will need a proper design to support your body.

The arm rests are a nice addition as they can take some pressure of your shoulders while you relax and wait for your target animal. Together with the roomy foot platform, you can take the opportunity to relax in the outdoors and enjoy the fresh air as so few tree stands can offer this true feeling. And this is partly due to the design of the structure. With steel construction which will resist in time, you get a complete design which reduced vibrations while improving stability and comfort.

Guide Gear Brush Reviews

While you might miss the shooting rail you still get a good shooting platform from any of the arm rests and you get a closer feel to the target with every opportunity.

The 18’ Brush Stand is a popular choice for hunters who want to be slightly above the average height with tree stands. Unlike most stands, at 18 feet you will get a better view out in the distance and it can represent the perfect option for improved visibility. This is done with top class support and comfort. The manufacturer designed a seat which keeps you in a comfortable position for hours. With so many designs on the market, the chair comes with included arm rests which will help you relax and wait for the perfect shooting opportunity. The roomy feet platform will also prove a nice addition. And although you may not consider it a big design achievement now, after a few hours on the stand you will appreciate the extra-large platform to its full potential.


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